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JSC “Basik” has been around the world of beauty since 1991. From this year we are interested in the most modern trends of fashion of shoes and accessories. We have achieved our current results beginning with a small family footwear shop. Today we can be proud of a network, which consists of 5 shops. We are not a large net as we are oriented to higher and middle customer, we are selling exclusive shoes, so it is natural that such shoes cannot be supplied on a mass scale.
We are determined to assist every client, who wants to look stylish and feel comfortable. Visiting exhibitions in Milan, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Madrid and other European cities, we keep up with the latest news of fashion and style. We keep particularly friendly relations with our foreign partners. Long-term partnership allows us to fulfil individual orders according to the season, clients’ wishes and fashion tendencies. Our goal is to help to choose “the most beautiful that the world can offer”.
Currently JSC “Basik” employs 30 employees, 20 of them are professional sellers. We are paying great attention to ensure high level of service, the employees are being specially trained for communication with clients, new information about fashion, leather processing and new materials of production are being updated constantly.  We also take care about personal selling, i.e. we are seeking that our staff would not change in the shops, that the clients would recognise representatives of the company and to keep friendly relations with employees. It lets to present more information to the clients about collections, fashion trends, discounts etc. For this reason flexible system of motivation was established in the company.   
Divo shops offer exceptional shoes and accessories. The main attention is given to go-to-meeting and high-heeled shoes. Even everyday shoes in our assortment shall distinguish by expensive furniture, decorations from Swarovski stones, there are many bright and colourful shoes.
We are paying much attention to interior and design of shops in order to ensure correct presentation of collections.
The shop “Divo” is a multibrand shop. The main suppliers of shoes are Italians, i.e. we are selling shoes that are made in Italy.   We represent the following trade marks: NANDO MUZI, LUI JO, LUCA MODA, ROCCO BAROCCO, KRIZIA, VALENTINO, BYBLOS, LAURA BIAGIOTTI, CHRISTINA LUCCI, BLUZI, STRATEGIA, GAUDI, FABI, LORIBLU, NILA &NILA and others.
Also you can find Spanish shoes at our net: PACO GIL, BALTORINI.
Since greatest part of our shops are situated in supermarkets in order to ensure everyday trading and good turnover, we are not getting along with mass production of shoes, it means that 20 % of assortment shall consist of shoes made in China, trade marks would be the following:  GLOSSI, MARCUZZI, MEDEA, LUIS DAVID, BAROCCO, BASILIA, MELANES. In this place I would like to emphasize that we are working only with “brand” shoes of high quality tailor-made production that was made for export into European countries.

Irrespective of the producer, we are trading only expensive and luxury shoes. All our suppliers are presenting new collection in global exhibition of shoes in Milan “MICAM SHOE EVENT” (www.micamonline.com).
Information about brands can be obtained on website: www.nila-nila.com, www.strategiajfk.it, www.meriade.it, www.lucamode.it, www.byblos.it, www.nandomuzi.it, www.fabishoes.it, www.laurabiagiotti.it, ovye scarpe catalogue www.revolved.it and others.
Professionalism, great experience and good knowledge in shoe market allow update assortment of “Diva” shops three times per season, i.e. 6 times per year. No one of shoe suppliers in Lithuania are doing this (most often competitors renew their collections 3-4 times a year). It is great advantage of “DIVO” net, it gives rapid trading flow, easy adapt to any market and rapid collection of information about needs of the client.  
As we are working with globally famous suppliers, it is not difficult to make annual marketing programs, the manufacturers themselves constantly blow their own horn in the most famous global fashion magazines    COSMOPOLITAN, OFFICEL, BAZAR. Trade marks can be constantly seen at international air ports and other places. JSC “Basik” impose many funds to the popularity of “Divo” as a trade mark: stands on highways, advertisements in women magazines, on the internet etc.
20-50 year old women, having medium and larger than medium income, which are modern, fashionable, stylish as it was mentioned, are the clients of “DIVO” shop as everyday shoes sold by us are of exceptional design.  Speaking about age of the client, it is possible to state that during the last year, group of the age increased up to 50 years as even women of such age want to look exceptionally after the change in life conditions and business rhythms.  Besides, large part of our constant clients is clients from Belarus and Russia and their style is significantly different from European style. Great part of assortment of the shops consists of go-to-meting shoes, here you can call us leaders of Lithuanian market. We annually present additional new collections for New Year, wedding and other occasions.
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